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Gas Fireplaces

Gas fireplace
Gas fireplace

Fireside Hearth & Leisure offers a selection of gas fireplaces from three different manufacturers. Gas fireplaces are eco-friendly and save you energy - all while providing your home with warmth and comfort for the entire winter, for years to come. Learn more about what we offer below!

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Heat & Glo gas fireplace
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Pacific Energy gas fireplace

Heat & Glo Gas Fireplaces

Heat & Glo gas fireplaces bring elegance to your home while also providing your home with high-quality, cost-effective heating. Not only are they fuel efficient, but they're also eco-friendly - all while never sacrificing heat or quality.

Pacific Energy Gas Fireplaces

Pacific Energy gas fireplaces specialize in their superb engineering and efficiency. With clean-burning technology and a lifetime warranty, you can feel comfortable with your purchase and comfortable during the winter.

Valor Gas Fireplaces

Valor gas fireplaces specialize in providing cost effective, environmentally friendly heat solutions. With remote control systems for easy use and the ability to transfer heat through hidden ducts and into other rooms without the need for fans or electricity makes Valor an excellent choice for a gas fireplace. 

Valor gas fireplace

Gas Fireplaces We Offer

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Interested in a Gas Fireplace?

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