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Level II Video Inspections

Masonry Chimney

A level II video inspection helps identify any problems, code violations, or safety defects in chimneys. Utilizing the best possible equipment, Fireside Hearth & Leisure's team of professionals can scan your chimney from bottom to top, providing still shots or video of any problem areas found. Learn more about level II video inspections below!

Chimney with smoke pulling away from house
Creosote chimney
Metal chimney


Get In Touch

Interested in a level II video inspection? We'll chat with you to discover more about your chimney. We'll then proceed to scheduling.


Our Team Of Experts Arrive

On the day before the inspection, our team will send out a reminder to let you know that your scheduled inspection is tomorrow. When that day comes, our team of experts will arrive at your home and prepare to perform a level II video inspection.


Our Team Completes The Inspection

Once our team has completed the level II video inspection and has cleaned up, you can feel at ease knowing that your chimney's potential problems have been found and documented. We'll always be just a call or a visit away if you need any assistance afterwards.


An Inspection Date Is Scheduled

We then schedule a date and time for the installation, doing our best to set up the perfect date and time that suits your needs. We'll be with you every step of the way, even leading up to your inspection in case you'd like to make any changes or cancellations.


Our Team Works On Your Inspection

Our team will work hard to inspect your chimney from bottom to top with the best possible equipment. They'll identify any problems or safety defects, and along the way, our team will carefully document those problems.


Need Anything Else? We Can Help!

Even after inspection is complete, if you ever need another one of our services (chimney sweep, installations, etc), simply contact us and we'd be happy to help you however we can!

Metal chimney

Our Step-By-Step Process


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Fireside has always been exceptional when it comes to service and care for my concerns about my pellet stove when the need arose.
I highly recommend!

Dawn Binford

Interested in a Video Inspection?

Contact us here and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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