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Gas Stoves

Vermont Castings Gas Stove
Gas stove

Fireside Hearth & Leisure offers a wide range of gas stoves. While each heating source offers its own strengths, gas stoves require very little maintenance, are easy to maintain and adjust heating, and don't require consistent external fuel such as wood or pellets. Browse our selection below to view the stove lines of the manufacturers we offer!

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Vermont Castings gas stove
Hearthstone Champlain gas stove
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Vermont Castings Gas Stoves

Vermont Castings gas stoves aren't just effective - they're convenient too. With a vast selection of stoves available in multiple sizes and with a variety of additional features to add, there's a Vermont Castings gas stove suited for any home or building.

Hearthstone Gas Stoves

Hearthstone gas stoves incorporate a cast iron heat exchanger, which radiates more heat into your home. With intricately designed cast iron materials, Hearthstone combines comfort with style without sacrificing anything in between.

Pacific Energy Gas Stoves

Pacific Energy gas stoves maximize the heat radiated throughout your home, ensuring that your home stays warm even on the coldest winter nights. With full control over heating and operation with a easy-use touchscreen, comfort has never been so easy.

Gas Stoves We Offer

Pacific energy gas stove
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