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Everything You Need to Know About Chimney Sweeps

Everything you need to know about chimney caps

Chimney sweeps are integral in keeping your chimney clean, safe, and free of buildup/debris. Over time, your flue will undoubtedly begin to build up with soot, dirt, and other materials that may corrode it. The buildup also increases the risk of flammable materials in your flue system - which may lead to big problems if not swept away. That's where chimney sweeps come in.

In short, the act of performing a chimney sweep means having a CSIA-certified technician clear a chimney of any debris, soot, and other materials that may have built up over time with the help of flue brushes, scrubbers, and more. This way, your chimney remains clean and safe to use without running the risk of flue damage - or worse - unsafe fires. But why else should you get a chimney sweep? Why get a professional to sweep it for you? How often should your chimney be swept?

In this blog post, we'll take a closer look at everything you need to know about chimney sweeps so you never have to second guess and ask yourself "Is my chimney safe?" ever again!

What Are the Benefits of a Chimney Sweep?

First and foremost, the biggest benefit of a sweep is knowing that your chimney is clean and 100% safe to use. Over time, whether you're actively using the stove, fireplace, or insert connected to your chimney system or haven't lit a fire all year, debris like soot, dirt, and creosote will begin to accumulate. Think of it like a room in a house - even if you don't enter that room for an entire year - when you do enter again, it will be covered with dust (and probably a few cobwebs). The same can be said for a chimney system, only with dirt and soot and other materials instead. You'll want to make sure your chimney is clean so that, when you do use your chimney again, there's no risk of smoke being unable to vent out and no risk of sparks catching any debris aflame.

The benefits don't stop there though. When a CSIA-certified chimney sweep technician performs a sweep, they can also identify problems and issues with your chimney along the way. Maybe there's an unsafe crack in your chimney, or maybe it's beginning to pull away from your house. CSIA-certified experts can spot and identify these issues and make you aware of them so you can take further action.

With a clear chimney, you'll be able to efficiently use your stove, fireplace, or insert without issue. Take it from us: in the industry, getting a sweep is a sign of good luck for you and your home, and we could all use a little extra luck from time to time!

Black and gray chimney

How Often Should You Have Your Chimney Swept?

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) recommends that your chimney should be swept/inspected once every year. That may seem like a lot and quite the hassle at first glance, but we assure you, it's the recommendation for a reason! Especially in places like New Hampshire and Vermont where the winters are long and cold. If you have a stove, fireplace, or fireplace insert as your primary source of heat during the winter, you'll no doubt accumulate a fair amount of soot (and maybe even creosote) that will affect how well your chimney vents out smoke the following year. To combat this, a chimney sweep is your saving grace to ensure that everything stays clean and pristine for the next cold winter.

Even if you don't use your chimney often, like all things, it will accumulate with dust and dirt and degrade over time, so if you do plan on using your chimney in the future, a sweep and an inspection are highly recommended!

Many businesses that offer chimney sweeps also make the scheduling process as easy and seamless as possible - and at Fireside, we're no different! YOU pick the best day of the week, the best time, and we'll handle the rest! We can even set you up for the following year, so you can kick back and relax knowing you won't have to worry about scheduling or planning a sweep for an entire year. Click here to schedule a chimney sweep with us!

Why Schedule a Sweep With a Professional?

When it comes to getting things done, if we can do it ourselves rather than pay someone else to do it, trust us, we understand! But when it comes to something like a chimney sweep, we highly recommend that you leave it to a CSIA-certified technician! We'll break down why:

It's Safer - And More Convenient!

When a CSIA-certified technician sweeps your chimney, they aren't just following all the professional safety measures - they're also doing everything by the book and checking for problems with your chimney along the way. Even the slightest safety risk with your chimney would be picked up by an expert and relayed to you so you're made aware of the issue.


The Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) offers an extensive program for technicians to become CSIA-certified. This means that they know all about the necessary procedures, precautions, and steps to take to make sure that your chimney is not only clean but safe too!

A Huge Time Saver

At Fireside, many of our team members are performing chimney sweeps every day that we're open - which means that 5 out of 7 days each week, some of our team members are sweeping chimneys. We've seen chimneys of all shapes and sizes in all kinds of buildings, so we know exactly how to approach a sweep - which saves you hours of time. We're in and out before you know it, and you'll get to enjoy a chimney that's completely cleaned and ready for another year of use!

Brick chimney with chimney cap

That sums up everything you need to know about chimney sweeps! It's an integral part of keeping chimneys safe and efficient - and it's a key factor in keeping everything up to code! We hope this guide could give you a deeper insight into chimney sweeps and why they're so important. Still have questions or want to know more? Feel free to ask away in the comments or reach out to us directly!

Interested in scheduling a sweep of your own? Schedule a sweep here or get in touch with us here to never worry about a chimney cleaning ever again! At Fireside, we're always happy to help New Hampshire and Vermont stay warm - and safe - all year long.

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