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Welcome to the Fireside!

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

Welcome to Fireside Hearth & Leisure's blog

Welcome to the Fireside

Welcome! This is the blog page for Fireside Hearth & Leisure, where we'll share industry news, product updates, information, how-tos, and much more. We've even lovingly named our blog "The Fireside" for that added touch of flair. This is the first of many blogs to come here on our blog page, so what better way to begin than with an introductory post?

At the time of writing this, Fireside has just finished building its fresh, shiny new website. With a complete overhaul and redesign, we've rebuilt the site from the ground up with the intention of making your experience more seamless, accessible, and easy to understand. With our new site, you'll easily be able to view, access, and learn more about the products we offer and the services we provide. You can also easily have your questions answered on our FAQ page or get in touch with us directly through our website. Pretty cool, right?

Haven't seen the new site yet? Click here to get directed to our new site's homepage! Don't worry, we'll be waiting for you here when you get back.

Fireplace in living room

What You'll Find Here

On our blog page, you'll find a wide range of content related to the heating industry - namely, all things pertaining to heating stoves, fireplace inserts, fireplaces, and services. Whether it's new product announcements, industry updates, or even some more Fireside-focused (or local-centered) content from time to time as well.

We'll break down all the specifics:

Product Updates

New stove coming to our shop? Is a line of stoves getting discontinued? Is there a great sale going on? We'll cover it all here on our blog page and share the latest updates over on our social media pages as well. Want to get notified each time a new blog is posted? Follow us on social media to never miss an update!

Product Showcases

Maybe you're looking to learn more about a certain stove, fireplace, or insert. Perhaps you're wanting to learn more about a certain manufacturer or which product would be best for your home. We've got you covered here! In addition to our products page on our website, we'll also take deep dives into specific products so you can get the best possible understanding. You might just find the product that checks all of your boxes!

Service Overviews/Information

Not sure if you should get a chimney cap? Unsure if it's time for a chimney sweep? Thinking it might be time for a level II video inspection? The Fireside blog page will share extensive details on our services, answering questions such as when to know it's time for a chimney sweep, how chimney caps can protect your chimney, and much more.

Industry Deep Dives

From time to time, we'll also take a deeper dive into the industry to share the latest news, announcements, sales, and analytics right here with you. We'll do our best to ensure that you always stay in the know!

Updates at Fireside

Every now and then we'll also have some updates of our own to share with all of you. From time to time, we may host company events, local events, sales, and much more! When it comes to huge updates, we'll share them in their own respective blog post, but when it comes to general news, be on the lookout each week for our Fireside weekly update blog. Speaking of, we've got a weekly update segment right here in this post, so feel free to check it out!

Entertaining Content

It's not always updates and serious content we'll be sharing here! We'll also create some entertaining posts to balance out all the serious informative content - for example, have you ever walked into our showroom and seen a legion of metal crickets sitting on almost every stove? Have you ever wondered why in the world we (and other stove owners) have them? Stay tuned here on our blog page and you might just find out!

Fireplace with TV and mantel

News From the Fireside

There's a lot going on here at Fireside! We're working hard on keeping the North Country warm and happy even during the summer. After all, here in the north, there are really only two seasons: winter, and getting ready for winter (although the short fall season up here is gorgeous). Even in the warmer summer months, we're installing new stoves, sweeping chimneys, and doing our best to give the best to all of you.

On the technical side of things, Fireside has been keeping busy too! With a fresh new website now live, we're hard at work making adjustments and maintaining the site to ensure that you get the most seamless experience. That's not all! We've also got a suite of social media posts coming out on our Facebook page - and we'll let you in on an early secret: we're planning on expanding out into LinkedIn and beyond too.

Down the pipeline, we've also got plans of posting new videos on a regular basis on Fireside's YouTube channel, so stay tuned for new videos as well! We're excited to be branching out Fireside's name online more - and excited to keep helping our customers and community.

Also, a personal hello from me, the Marketing Coordinator here at Fireside. I'll be writing the blogs, creating social media content, maintaining and updating our website, and filming videos for our YouTube channel. I'm thrilled to be here! I look forward to creating and sharing content with all of you for years to come. Thanks for being here!

We're keeping busy all summer long, and we aren't slowing down any time soon! We won't lie, we like it that way, because we know our customers can enjoy the summer AND the winter now that their hearth and leisure needs have been satisfied.

Stove in cabin

Stay Tuned!

That wraps up our first blog post here on the Fireside. Be on the lookout for more here in the future! There's a lot to look forward to going forward and we're excited to get underway. Feel free to reach out to us anytime on our website, or contact us here! In the meantime, remember to take a break and stretch out, stay hydrated, and have a great day/night!

Stay Warm!

Fireside Hearth & Leisure

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