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Wood Stoves

Wood stove
Wood stove

Fireside Hearth & Leisure offers a wide range of wood-burning stoves. With different sizes, burn times, and heating ranges from a variety of different manufacturers, we've got the wood stove that best suits your needs. Browse our selection below to view the stove lines of the manufacturers we offer!

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Morso wood stove
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Pacific Energy wood stove
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Blaze King wood stove

Morso Wood Stoves

Built with high quality and solid materials, these elegantly designed Danish wood stoves generate stable and controlled heat that lasts long and spreads far across even the largest of houses.

Pacific Energy Wood Stoves

Pacific Energy wood stoves are uniquely designed to burn more (and for longer) with less wood consumption. Paired with unique air wash systems to keep the glass door clean, Pacific Energy offers some of the most convenient and efficient wood stoves in the industry.

Blaze King Wood Stoves

Blaze King's wood stoves boast the longest heating times in the industry - with up to a shocking 40 hours of heating with just ONE load of wood. Even better, Blaze King products consume 30% less wood, saving even more time and energy in the process.

Vermont Castings Wood Stoves

Vermont Castings combines true cast iron craftsmanship with the utility of wood burning heat to create products that burn well and last long. Locally made in our neighboring state of Vermont!

Hearthstone Wood Stoves

All Hearthstone wood stoves are made with soapstone, allowing their stoves to absorb the heat, store it, then radiate that heat gently all day long, ensuring that your house stays warm for long periods of time even while you're not there.

Stûv Wood Stoves

Stûv wood stoves boast quality, performance and purity as their key words. These efficient stoves bring a perfect harmony between pleasure, performance and respect for the environment - all while keeping you cozy all winter long.

Wood Stoves We Offer

Hearthstone wood stove
Vermont Castings wood stove
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