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Fireside Monthly Update - August

Fireside Monthly Update

Welcome to the latest Fireside Monthly Update - where we take a moment to look back on the last few weeks, share some news, and connect with our community. Even during the warm summer months, we've been keeping busy! At the time of this blog's posting, we're about a month away from the end of the summer and the start of the beautiful fall season here in New Hampshire.

There's a lot to look forward to in the months ahead - and a lot to prepare for as well! The winters here in northern New Hampshire are no joke! In fact, did you know that last winter in February 2023, Mount Washington recorded a bone-chilling low of -108 degrees Fahrenheit? That's the lowest temperature EVER recorded in the United States! So it's safe to say that keeping your home warm and cozy during the long winter season should be a top priority.

Let's jump right into the latest monthly update here at Fireside!

What's New At Fireside?

While most of our teams have been keeping busy helping customers out around New Hampshire and Vermont, we've been keeping busy here at the shop too! We've begun work on renovating the second half of our building to turn it into Fireside's training/conference room. It's still a work in progress, but we've gotten a lot done over the last few weeks! We'll have some pictures to share with our next update.

We'll keep you posted in the next monthly update with more photos of the conference/training room as it continues to get worked on. Stay tuned!

We've also updated our phone systems - we're rocking headsets now! So whenever you get in touch with us via phone, we'll not only be able to hear you better than ever, but you'll also be able to hear us better too! It's a win-win for everyone - even if it's been taking a little while for us to get used to. Did we also mention that we've got a new website? In fact, you're reading this article on the new site right now. Pretty cool, right? Feel free to browse around the site and see what's new! Now you can browse our products and services and get in touch with us easier than ever.

What's Next At Fireside?

At Fireside, we've got a lot planned for the months ahead! With the colder months fast approaching, we're gearing up for a busy season and getting ready to help keep the North Country warm en masse. If you haven't scheduled a chimney sweep yet and need to do so, we recommend getting in touch with us now to stay ahead of the cold! And if you're looking for a way to heat your home this winter, we're here to help!

We've also got a gorgeous cook stove in our showroom - the first one we've ever sold! Not only can it help heat your home, but it can also whip up one heck of a delicious Thanksgiving turkey. Though it's mainly used for cooking, of course, so don't purchase it just to heat your home! Check it out - maybe we'll be ordering our second-ever one for you - if you're interested:

Hearthstone cook stove

Hearthstone cook stove

We're always working hard to provide the best chimney services for our customers, so our work is never over in the pursuit of keeping New Hampshire and Vermont warm!

News From The Industry

These last few weeks haven't been too eventful in the industry, all things considered! Once things start cooling off, however, we reckon we'll see a lot of sales, new products, and updates once the fall and winter seasons roll around. We'll keep you posted here with the latest news! For more immediate news updates on sales and products, visit Fireside's Facebook page!

In the meantime, Stoll Industries dropped an excellent blog article of their own recently which has some great reasons why summertime is the best time to remodel your fireplace. Check it out here!

Electric fireplace in home

Stay Tuned!

That wraps up our August Monthly Update here on the Fireside. A lot has happened these last few weeks, and a lot more is happening in the coming weeks too. Thanks for giving this a read and keep an eye on this blog page for more content coming soon! Feel free to get in touch with us for more info about our products and services. In the meantime, remember to take a break and stretch out, stay hydrated, and have a great day/night!

Stay Warm!

Fireside Hearth & Leisure

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